You’re it! Tag a friend to pass on their smile!


Is a smile contagious? We think it’s Smilagious. Our mission is to connect people around the world one smile at a time. Pay-It-Forward by Smile-It-Forward. One smile leads to another. Get Linked into the World SmileLink chain and invite others to connect and share their smile. I Smile. You Smile. We Smile.

So simple. Snap your selfie, share to SmileLink and pass on a Smiletag to a friend!

Preprinted SmileTags Coming Soon!
When leaving a SMILEtag, remember it is a kind reminder that we all smile in the same language and to pass on random smiles of niceness. The idea is to speak the Language of Nice whenever possible and invite others to Smile-It-Forward to keep the SmileLink growing!
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