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We are Smilinguist! We say it with a smile!


We think so! It’s Smilagious. We all smile in the same language. Smilingual is the Universal Language of Nice. No translation is required. You are a Smilinguist! Just say it with a smile. So simple: You Smile. I Smile. We Smile.

The Smilingual community wants to engage people all over the world who have the Smilattitude to contribute in a meaningful way: through everyday folk and walks of life. We are pleased to offer an online gathering place for Smilinguists to come together for one purpose – to share SMILES and NICENESS ideas that will incite happy thoughts for an uplifting and “feel good” experience to others.

The smallest things truly have the biggest impact.
Life can be challenging and our busy schedules may limit our ability to do as many nice things as we would like. We are here as Smile Ambassadors to kindly remind you that even the smallest random act of niceness will make a difference. Thankfully, we always have time to smile, it’s free and it is universally understood.

WANNA GET LINKED? Join Our Smilelink Movement!

Become a Smilinguist. We invite people to get linked to our SmileLink mission, “Operation One Smile Leads to Another”. Our mission is to connect people around the world one smile at a time forming a global SmileLink! All you have to do is click, smile and share your smilefie with us. Your smilefie will be linked to your SmileLink # in the chain. Be a part of something big – The World SmileLink Movement! What # in the Link will you be? It will be fun to watch the chain grow and see where your # connects. Share your selfie with the world!

It’s Smilagious!

Twice as nice when you receive a smile to give a smile! Pass on a SMILEtag so others will return the favor and make someone else smile. Take the Smile – It – Forward Challenge! Help us keep the SmileLink chain connected with your random SMILEtag to your own friends and family. You do not want the chain ending with your smilefie without a link. So get your free SMILEtag and invite others to share their smiles!

To inspire participants to share Random Smiles of NICENESS, we offer Smile Mile Points for participation and contributions each day, and provide additional bonus points at each end of month to the Smile Miles member who shared the most smiles. We also have contests rewarding extra Smile Miles points and $ to those who received the most smiles, i.e., likes for their shares. You, of course, determine the winner with your smiles, i.e., likes!! Look for random smile contest postings!
HOW DO I START? Once you register (connect) you will be assigned a Smile Miles Member Account. Positivism is just as contagious as negativism and we want to pass on Smilagious energy! Join us as we aspire to make the world a happier place! One of the best benefits is it simply feels good to smile and make others smile. Start enjoying the benefits of smiling with us now!
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